Description for Anger management

it is a psycho-therapeutic program for anger prevention and control.It has been described as deployinganger successfully.Anger is frequently a result of frustration, or of feeling blocked or thwarted from something the subject feels is important.


My Mentoring

Anger management. The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes

Training Programs

You can't get rid of, or avoid, the things or the people that enrage you, nor can you change them, but you can learn to control your reactions.

Exclusive Retreats

Why is it important to anger management? Suppressed and stored anger has an unknown and risky element to it. When that anger finds its way out

Life Mentoring

Anger management helps you to spot the anger, see it coming and learn to address it in a manner that may lead to more productive outcomes for you..

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